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Zeal Education organizes many workshops for students. At the present, these are conducted online, but can also be conducted offline on request!
Zeal Education conducts regular interaction programs with teachers! Find out more here!
Check out the many kits that Zeal Education has designed! These kits will make you learn science and maths like never before!
Zeal Education has many kits specially designed for schools. Most kits are available in two formats: a permanent one (typically made from acrylic) for teachers and one for students (typically made from card or cardboard).
Is the earth's orbit significantly elliptical? How are images formed in a circular mirror? I see rain falling vertically down. What does my friend driving past see? Find the answers to these questions with our simulations!
The Ignite PlayLab is a science and maths centre with a difference: small and ever changing, it offers a series of intensive experiences for the student! Students look forward to their visit, as on every visit, they have new experiences!
The Turning Point is a unique program for teachers wherein schools are given the training and material for making models and performing experiments!
Make, Understand, Excel is a unique program for students make models as per a well defined curriculum, leading to a better understanding of the science and maths behind the models and the development of skills needed to design and make models!
Some of our other programs:

The Zeal DigiScope: A Unique Digital Microscope with value addition from Zeal!

PT150: To celebrate 150 years of the Periodic Table

The Joy of Sharing: A Unique program for building bonds between under-priviledged and private schools

Suggestions for a Extended Essay in Mathematics for the IB DP Program